Public Poetics : Critical Issues in Canadian Poetry and Poetics

Public Poetics : Critical Issues in Canadian Poetry and Poetics


Public Poetics is a collection of essays and poems that address some of the most pressing issues of the discipline in the twenty-first century. The collection brings together fifteen original essays addressing "publics," "poetry," and "poetics" from the situated space of Canada while simultaneously troubling the notion of the nation as a stable term. It asks hard questions about who and what count as "publics" in Canada. Critical essays stand alongside poetry as visual and editorial reminders of the cross-pollination required in thinking through both poetry and poetics. Public Poetics is divided into three thematic sections. The first contains essays surveying poetics in the present moment through the lens of the public/private divide, systematic racism in Canada, the counterpublic, feminist poetics, and Canadian innovations on postmodern poetics. The second section contains author-specific studies of public poets. The final section contains essays that use innovative renderings of "poetics" as a means of articulating alternative communities and practices. Each section is paired with a collection of original poetry by ten contemporary Canadian poets. This collection attends to the changing landscape of critical discourse around poetry and poetics in Canada, and will be of use to teachers and students of poetry and poetics.

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Bart Vautour, Erin Wunker, Travis V. Mason, Christl Verduyn
Paperback | 375 pages
152 x 228 x 22mm | 606g
Publication date
25 May 2015
Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Publication City/Country
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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